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Located in the northern Rhône valley, 30 miles in the south of Lyon, Anthony Paret vineyard is planted on sloping hillside, uneven, facing south south-east.
The soils, merely homogenous, are composed by schist and granite. They are not deep, light, permeable and hot.

The wine cellar Paret has another wine yard in Pays d’Oc, by the north of Sète. The Languedoc’s vines have been chosen by Alain Paret for their territory’s similarity with the parcels located in the northern Valley, and, favourable to his favourite variety of wine.

Anthony Paret Wine Yard

The Knowledge

The property is composed by 27 hectares in its north part. A lot of national and international awards stimulate Alain and Anthony to improve their working methods to offer high quality products.

By the end of the 90s, the wine cellar A.Paret began a partnership with cooperatives in Pays d’Oc. This partnership consists in defining a new fragmented selection of the lands and advice on vinification with methods recommended by Alain and Anthony Paret.

This organisation allow them to offer some Vins de Pays in keeping with the quality asked by their customers. All these wines are vinified and bottled at the wine cellar.